I wonder if I shouldn’t take a break off of this tumblr. I took a break from both of my twitters (okay fine, so one has lasted close to two years and they probably all think I kicked the bucket by now), I took a break from lj and my other tumblr, too. maybe I should disappear from this one for a while.

I normally take breaks because the people I know are annoying me and I choose to distance myself but this one feels a little different. it’s something else on top of that. in the mean time, though…

good things about my day: my skin is looking great, so is my hair, only one bout of sleep paralysis last night, got to hear louie chat about his uniform (a word he can’t even pronounce correctly, bless), no migraine, entrapped nerves in my elbows are feeling fine (less so the intercostals).

bad things about my day: everybody I’ve spoken today aside from my dad has mispronounced my surname, still slept like shit, more dizzy spells, my foot, about 50,000 paper cuts that came from nowhere, my asthma is acting up in a big way, still mad about seeing my mother the other day, back to hating all my aunts and uncles, feeling like I’ve wasted a lot of my time in the past few days.

just business as usual, really.

Sorry. I stuttered.

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